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Can We Get Assistance From Angels ?

Here are some of the messages channelled by Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser from the angelic realm on how to contact and receive help from angels,  including personal experiences.

Important note: If you allow the wisdom and experiences of others, no matter how beautiful, to be your guiding light without carefully consulting your own “inner wisdom”, you may be in for great disappointments. I therefore recommend (and in fact, so do the angels as channelled by Cynthia) to always search for, learn to discern and follow your own guidance above others’ advice.
See my important
note and introduction.

Angelic help


The Angels of the Mountains

Angelic help


The Angels’ Instructions on Contacting Them

Angelic help


Angel Letter

Angelic help


Techniques on How to Work With the Angels (“Angel conference”)


The Angels of the Mountains

Go within now, and call on us if you desire our help.

Now the words of the Masters, that "ye shall do all things", must come true as the prayers " that earth should be as heaven" are answered.

Call us. We are here. We are here when you call.

We have been ordained by God to come when you call.


The Angels’ Instructions on Contacting Them

Any new skill takes time to master. All of our educational background has emphasized the development of the left hemisphere of the brain with it's rational and logical use of language and memory.

When we pray to the angels for their help, the first place we will notice it is in our underused right hemisphere which is nonverbal and intuitive. Therefore, to commune with angels as clearly as we should, we have to retrain our thinking process to include the intuitive and then we have to learn to use the intuitive and logical functions in a back and forth method much like walking. This has been explained as using eye movement exercises that are identical to what we do each night naturally in our dreaming state.

In other words, when you pray for angelic assistance, go into a quiet receptive state and become aware of images that enter into your imagination [right brain]. Then move your eyes back and forth in a comfortable way, from left to right, back and forth, as you do in REM sleep. This will shift the dominance back and forth between the two halves of the brain and you will experience images and then internally verbal thoughts, then images again and then more verbal thoughts, and on and on.

The art of ALLOWING the process to unfold while you hold the intention and concentration of communing with the angels, is the key to success.

Learning to TRUST in this skill is a challenge since we have lived for so long in a culture dominated by a left brain only paradigm. Ask for help with this from the angels and go easy with yourself and give yourself time.

Continue to practice. Those of you with access to biofeedback facilities will probably find it much easier and quicker to establish trust in the process.

Of course, when you pray for angelic assistance in your life, you will notice changes all over the place, in every area, over time. The above process is specifically for immediate communication purposes.


Angel Letter
see Note by Ulla

This is a letter that I recently sent to someone who needed help. Asking the angels was not getting results, and the situation was dire…… and since I believe that this is a common problem, I am sharing this letter with you. Now is a time of great change.

Dear Joe,

I certainly understand your frustration with the angels. When I was first learning to rely on angels I had been in numerous uncomfortable situations that HAD to change and seemed resistant and the angels just seemed to be either figments of my imagination or unreachable or unwilling or something. I wasn't sure I could reach them or even really believe in them.

When the situation was bad enough, I got extremely upset. NOTHING seemed to come through in the way of help., I finally resorted to demands because I was in a corner. I called them in and really let them have an earful. I told them that the situation HAD to change and that they HAD to help.. If they did not come through for me then how could I believe in them, and how could I recommend their help to others? On and on I went, ranting and raving about how afraid I felt, how stressed out, how dangerous and terrible the situation was. ONLY WHEN I GOT VERY VERY REAL WITH THEM, and put all politeness aside and I just got down to gut truth, the connection finally clicked and help came through.

I found out they don't value politeness , they value realness.

Communicating with angels has everything to do with REALNESS, AND INTENSITY and integrity OF EMOTION!

Angels have come through for me consistantly over time, but I learned in difficult cases, like the one you are in now, that I would have to get really honest with them. I know this sounds strange, but I can only say what is true for me.

I learned to actually create a formal meeting where I pray for them to come in and gather around. This is what happened:

After about a few minutes, I sense them in the room. Then I just let it all out. I tell them how frightened I am. I tell them how desperate I feel. I tell them that if they do not help me, it is not OK with me. I tell them to do whatever they have to do to help me, that they have my permission, as long as it is highest good of all concerned.

I tell them that if they do not come through for me then their credibility will be severely damaged. I really lay it out on the table. I abandon trying to be nice and cover anything up. I resort to gut realness. They feel that realness and the power of my deepest emotions.

Then I surrender the situation to them. I totally surrender and let it go.

At this point I am totally at their mercy. They will either take care of things or they won't. I just wait and see. I feel a sense of emptiness and fear, then a strange release. In a few minutes I notice I feel much better. I feel a shift in perception and a rosy glow of bravado. My heart is feeling happier and relieved. My thoughts are wondering, "What is going on?" and I think," The Angels have already made a difference."

Usually within a few minutes, or hours, or days, the phone call comes, the conversation happens, the inspiration comes that resolves it all. I am amazed at how easy and effortless the energy flows. I am impressed at how just the right people show up and just the right things are said, and how I just seem to know what to do at the right time. It amazes me how everything seems choreographed by some invisable hand....

Over the years, my relationship with them has gotten better and better, and they are extremely reliable in helping me, but it is because I have learned to be very honest about my feelings. I have had to learn repeatedly that politeness does not work, but realness does.

I realize that this is not the picture that our culture has given us about relating to angels. I think that the cultural idea is of a faithful and humble supplicant praying quietly and serenely with steadfast heart. When I have tried to fit myself into this stereotype of serenity, politeness and formality, I seemed to be talking to thin air and got very little if any response. A new picture, the one of the small child and it’s mother, works.

Maybe that is one of the truths behind the scripture, "Except ye be as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of Heaven."

The picture I am trying to paint for you here is like a scene out of a movie. I have to step out of my usual adult personality and become like a very little child who is crying out for help.

I absolutely demand the help I need and let the angels know that backing down is not an option. I am not going to back down. Like a child screaming for it's mother, I tell them I will keep calling to them until they take care of the situation. It will do them no good to ignore me or the situation because I will not let them. And I mean it! I feel it!

I have to constantly remind myself that Christ told the disciples that "I of myself can do nothing, it is the Father within, it is He that doeth the works." This is so that I don’t blame myself for the angels not coming through. If Christ could do nothing, what makes me think that I can! My personality self is completely dependent on God. I can’t even take the next breath of myself. I remind myself of scripture in which God says, "Let me fight your battles for you." "Test me, try me." "Ask and ye shall receive."

I think, "This is a test", this is impossible for myself, it is something only God can do. I am in a real difficult situation and I am asking the angels, God’s messengers, for their help. If they can't or don't help me then they fail! It's that simple. They have said to call on them and depend on them and now it's time to see what happens......

I let them know that the future of their relationship with me is on the line. This is what I mean about realness as opposed to politeness. They need to know exactly what is going on with me and how important each interaction with them is. It is like breathing. One breath is not enough, breath must be continuous and reliable and consistent or life cannot go on. The angels must be there for me always and in real and practical ways, or what use is it for me to rely on them and tell others about them? For me, it is taking the whole subject and idea of angels out of a textbook situation of theory and conjecture and putting it in the arena of real life on a day to day, moment to moment basis. Just like breathing.

Oh yes, I REMEMBER TO THANK THEM! Usually it is so wonderful when everything is alright it is easy for me to go back to business as usual and actually overlook taking the time to let them know how much I appreciate their help.

I have had to stop myself and sit down and call them in and thank them from my deepest heart. Like a little child, I get so excited. Life is so rosy again and it is easy for me to forget. I'm getting a lot better about thanking them.

Learning to work with angels can be extremely difficult because they are invisable and because they need realness, not politeness.

This is so important that I will repeat, they have always passed the tests with me, but only after I got very very real with them. Otherwise I couldn't put out the angel messages and they know that.

This is a wonderful opportunity for them to prove themselves to you. It is also a wonderful opportunity for you to fine tune your angel relationship skills.

It’s interesting to me that you have written me with this problem. I have had to put the angels to the test recently myself, a number of times, in a string of extremely sticky, difficult situations. These situations had to be resolved, quickly, and in harmony, and I just couldn’t see how --other than extreme divine intervention. I was aware that if the angels let me down in even one of these situations, that I would be in dire straights and also that I would not be able to stand behind their consistent reliability to others. I used the advice that I have given you. I went to them as an innocent child in my real gut feelings of fear and horror and helplessness and turned it over. THE RESULTS WERE SO FAST AND SO WONDERFUL, THAT I WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZED.. For all practical purposes the problems melted before my very eyes. The difficulties just went away and solutions appeared easily and almost out of nowhere! Friends who are familiar with what was going on raised their eyebrows. It was miracles.

That is why I am able to write this letter to you today. The angels are real to me and they do answer my requests for help.

 …….I look forward to hearing how your situation unfolds.......




Techniques on how to work with the angels
Part one
see note by Ulla

About Angels, an Overview

"God will put his angels in charge of you
to protect you wherever you go.
They will hold you up with their hands
to keep you from hurting your feet on the stones.
Psalm 91:11-12

We hear about angels from the time that we are small children. At this stage of our understanding we have an image of beautiful human-like beings of love with wings, halos and an aura of goodness.

As we grow up we may learn a little more.

Hopefully the idea that angels DO exist, and that they are here to help us, is becoming more of a reliable resource for daily assistance, so that in times of need we call on them for help, and come to depend upon them. 

As Hazrat Inayat Khan put it,
"The more you trust God, the most trustworthy God becomes." The same applies to angels, who are God's messengers.

So most people offer a prayer, a shy tentative feeler, hoping for a response when they need help. Sometimes the answer to the prayer comes in an obvious way, but quite often an answer is not so certain. Often we pray, and hope for an answer, but the problem persists for a long time. Because of this, all too often the tendency has been to give up, too soon, and to go on about life feeling "unheard". In this case the weight of responsibility remains on our own shoulders and we can feel the burden of doing it alone.

The purpose of this message is to express the truth that YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE! The universe is designed so that humans and angels work together. The unbeatable team of humans and angels working together, each doing their part, is the right combination to outpicture the splendor and majesty of Spiritual Perfection!

Angels are different from humans in that their will is steadfastly and permanently aligned with Divine Will. Their purpose is to help us, the Children of God, find our way into spiritual maturity and perfection and directly help us manifest Heaven on Earth.

Their job is to take our prayers and carry them through into manifestation once we, who "have been given dominion" offer up a worthy prayer. Angels can thus be seen as our assistants in the army of answering prayers. We make the request and they do it. This is the original blueprint, and it is coming time for its completion. 

"Ask and ye shall receive."

So it is of great importance that each of us dust off our concepts of angels and take a closer look.

After years of working with the angels, my husband Michael and I have found certain principles to be absolute in getting real time help when calling upon them.

These are:

1. The act of "calling them in" or summoning them: Angels are intelligent beings and they are constantly engaged in serving Divine Providence. Many people imagine that angels just sort of hang around waiting for any thought to be directed their way, and that then they will respond. This may happen with guardian angels, but usually the type of angels required for correcting serious situations are not at all hanging around waiting.  They are very busy and they must be called in.

Usually Michael and I pray together and we have found it can take as long as 90 seconds for angels to shift their attention from their dimensional focus to ours.

We "call them in" according to an ancient and effective way that was taught to us by a powerful healer.

We close our eyes, concentrate very intensely, and either verbally out loud or quietly within, our imaginations speak to them. Here is what we typically say;

"We call for Universal Consciousness to be in our awareness now...

 We invoke the living flame of divine love to burn in our auras... "

(at this point we often pause, to allow time for the "living flame of divine love" burning in our auras to purify, cleanse, and transmute coarse earthly energies in our auras in order to make our auras a fit milieu to accommodate the gentle and refined spirits of the angels, coming from a much more subtle sphere).

"We ask the Mighty Angels of Love, Wisdom, and Power to come to us now."

We wait a while until a subtle shift occurs that lets us feel that the angels are present and listening.

An alternative way to do it is to call in your guardian angel and ask her/him to go find the appropriate angels and heavenly hosts to address the situation.

2. Self-disclosure: This requires an examination of events and situations and an honest evaluation of how we feel about them. This does not mean how I "think" I "should" feel about them, or how other people feel about them, but how I honestly DEEP DOWN feel in my innermost childlike self.

The angels require this emotional information in order to make appropriate plans for correcting the situation in a way that brings about true joy.

Am I worried, afraid, doubtful, weary? Whatever feelings I have, I have found its important for ME to acknowledge them honestly and share this with the angels.

At this point I always remember this saying: "Except ye be as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of heaven."

If a small child doesn't cry, because it feels that it is not OK to cry, how can its mother know that something is wrong?

Unfortunately most people feel that they should be on their BEST behavior with the angels and others of the heavenly hosts. In most cultures, people are taught to feel ashamed of negative feelings like anger or doubt. It is important to note that it is impossible to fool the angels with any type of denial or superficial coverup of real underlying childlike emotions. Just the act of trying to deny or bypass these true feelings, and put on a respectable front, shortcircuits the real passion that is required to bring about powerful magnetic attraction for realtime help. "God's love shines EQUALLY on the good and bad alike." This applies equally to feelings.

3. The prayer: Then we continue,

"We ask for your help with________________________ [state problem, describing situation and STATE YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT IT!  See immediately below]. "

For instance, it might go like this: [This is an actual prayer that we made, and had to repeat several times in various versions, a few years ago that over time was answered in very unusual and unexpected ways.]

"We are tired of working night and day trying to deal with our finances. We worry about them all the time; no matter how hard we try, it seems we never have enough. If we get caught up, then the car breaks down, or the taxes come due, or the house needs a repair. Even when there are no emergencies, we are so exhausted, mentally, emotionally, and physically from working all of the time, and worrying about paying bills, that we don't have enough energy left to be on a spiritual path. What little time we have is spent just catching up on cleaning, or resting, or fixing dinner. It goes on year after year. Our whole lives are passing us by and we are not getting anywhere in our thirst for enlightenment or for service to the world to make it a better place. It is just unacceptable for this to go on any longer.

We ask for financial help. We don't know how you are going to do it, but we know that you are all powerful and that with you all things are possible. We ask that you give us clear guidance, unmistakable and powerful, so that we do not overlook what you are bringing through.

 We ask that you resolve this situation in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned and that you do it in a timely way, with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. We do not want something that takes thirty years to manifest.  We need relief ASAP, so that we can put more energy and time into healing our lives, finding enlightenment and giving service."

 At this point we pause and check our feelings...We feel good about what we have said, that we have really stated our situation on the physical, emotional, mental, and desire levels.  Then we added:

"We give thanks for all that you have given us already. We appreciate our health, our home, our relationship, and living in a country where we are relatively free and safe. For the most part we are OK, but we really need help with the finances on a real and practical level if we are ever to study, heal, meditate, and experience the joy of being children of God.

We give thanks for your help in advance of receiving it because we know that on a higher level you have already heard and answered our prayer. We ask that you guide us clearly so that whatever plans you are making, we cannot miss them by being distracted or closed minded, or otherwise engaged. We love you and need your help more than ever now. We ask for a close relationship with you on an ongoing basis, and we ask that we become lights unto the world to help make it a better place, a place where heaven is indeed one with earth.

We give thanks that this is done.


Then we go into silence, and meditate on thankfulness. It is truly a wonderful feeling. It is important to always allow silent time to attune receptively to the answer to the prayer, to complete the circuit.

Sometimes we go on for a lot longer than the prayer I just quoted. Sometimes, if we are in a real feeling of emergency with a lot of intense feelings, we cry, or even express frustration or dispair or anger. We have learned that the more honest we are with ourselves and with each other and with the angels, especially as it regards emotions, the better we feel and the more miraculously the prayers get answered.

Another important note: Sometimes we have to repeat this process for several days.....each time being more honest about our feelings and about the problems that we are facing. Usually it does not take more than three "meetings" with the angels to really get a remarkable turn around in the situation.

As a great Sufi saint said , "Accept no refusal from the heavens!"

We have found that the angels are consistently reliable and that we can count on them. Over time, we have relaxed and felt more childlike as we realized that we are being protected and watched over, and that we do have access to real help.

I realize that in many holy scriptures God is quoted as saying," Test me, trust me, let me fight your battles for you." "Ask and ye shall receive." "Try me." etc. In each case of asking the angels I become aware of "testing" them. I become aware of Christ's feelings the time that he told the disciples," I, of myself, can do nothing, it is the Father within, it is HE that doeth the works."

It really fits into place. I can really feel that I am following in His footsteps by turning it all over to Divine Providence and trusting God's messengers, the angels. The proof, though, is in the pudding. Regardless of what other people say or how much we want something to work, the only way to really know is to try.

I am writing this because I have tried, and it has worked, and consistently so. This is how I have learned to talk with the angels and what works for me. I have shared this with others who have sometimes had miraculous results.

This is our simple way of sharing and working with the angels.

The key is basically self honesty--that is, coming out of denial--especially with feelings, and honesty with the angels, especially with feelings. That, and the simple act of calling them in, as often as it takes, staying with it, and talking with them, just as you would do with a neighbor or counselor or friend, and giving thanks.

"Ask, and ye SHALL receive!"

As above, so below."

With love,

Cynthia Rose

"God will put his angels in charge of you
to protect you wherever you go.
They will hold you up with their hands
to keep you from hurting your feet on the stones.
Psalm 91:11-12

"Ask and ye SHALL receive."

Part two
Why it is important to ask the angels and the heavenly hosts AT LEAST THREE DIFFERENT TIMES for help that, when given, creates major changes in our lives.

Dearest Family of The Light,

In yesterday's message, it was mentioned that in the process of calling for help from the angels and other beings of the heavenly hosts, it may be necessary to ask MORE THAN ONCE!

This is such an important issue, that I want to explain it a little further.

As you know, mankind has been given free will. It is through free will that we learn to follow our inner guidance, that the children of light have been given the ability to co-create heaven on earth!

All of the heavenly hosts RESPECT our free will. They respect it so much, in fact, that they have always observed a policy of non-interference with our free will at all costs. Also, because of the mixed messages we so often unwittingly communicate regarding our true intentions they MUST BE SURE that what we ask them is what we truly will with our whole hearts before they do anything that will forever change our lives.

They are wise, and know that people are often of two different minds, especially concerning MAJOR changes in their lives ! How often have you been unable to decide about something, weighing both sides of an issue and going back and forth?--and this is just what you are aware of wanting with your conscious mind!

They MUST know, before they answer a prayer for help, that we are ready to release the old, that we've learned what we needed to learn from it, that we are not attached to the status quo, and have done sufficient inner work to free ourselves to move on.

For this reason we have found that, in order to feel unambiguous about having our prayers answered, we value it highly to be very clear within ourselves of our enduring intentions. The old saying to be careful what you wish for, implies that when you get it, it may not still fit well with your higher destiny, your journey and ultimate destination in this life time. For this reason it has been very important to us to spend time analyzing the present situation with the angels when we call them in to ask for something. For one thing we want to have extracted all the lessons and blessings it is possible for us to gain out of the current situation before we release it in favor of our next phase.

One safe guard to ensure that we are truly ready to move on, is to ask more than once over a period of time. Consistently over many years, we have found, and our teachers told us that they also found, it is best to approach the angels three different times. Something is magical about asking three times, at least three. We try to spread it out over the course of a day, a few days apart, or even over a few weeks--repeating the request ever more strongly, with more conviction and elaboration each time.  Then we feel it is much more likely that the prayer gets answered.

When the request is repeated, the message gets across to the unseen beings that the request is not a transient or temporary whim, but well thought out and thoroughly desired with our whole selves.

Michael and I have learned, first of all, to give thanks for the blessings that our present situation has brought us. We have learned the importance of recapitulating all aspects of the situation, both what we love about it as well as what no longer works in our life.

When we were under greater financial hardship, we were thankful that it brought us strength and ingenuity.  It opened our eyes to other qualities in ourselves that we would have never been aware of, had we not been faced with its challenges. It opened our hearts to billions of fellow humans who live from hand to mouth, laboring just to survive, and thereby gifting us with the jewel of compassion. It made us appreciate and value simple, humble possessions, ones that most certainly would have been disregarded or discarded by other people. It taught us that possessions, no matter how humble, are loving gifts from the earth, requiring raw materials that have cost the Earth Mother of her substance and have required the labor and efforts of others.

Our vision was uplifted from the glamour and materialism that we had inherited from our culture and redirected instead to the treasures of the Soul and the Spirit. The source of our sense of self worth shifted from what we owned, a material focus, to what we were becoming inwardly, a more spiritual value.

Challenges of material wealth made us truly richer with the treasures of heaven!

We spent time GIVING THANKS for all of this with the angels.


"Give thanks for ALL things , for that is My Will concerning you."


Once having given thanks, we tried to be deeply honest with ourselves and with the angels about what no longer was working in our present situation. We came to terms with what we MUST have in order to do what we incarnated on earth to do.

As part one of this special message documented yesterday, we let the angels know that we were spending all of our strength in struggle, with too little energy, peace of mind or time for what was so most important to us.

We let them know that Michael was spending his days in a dead end job. His co-workers generally were on a different wavelength, usually did not value or see who he was, nor understand and help him grow stronger in what he believed in his heart. We told the angels that we were exhausted and depressed by doing things to make money that did not uplift us or the world. We let them know that we were frightened, exhausted, desperate, and at the end of our rope because we were unable to do what felt right to us on a day to day basis.

Once we deeply documented our feelings , both positive and negative, then they knew that we were in touch with the entirety of the situation, and with all sides of ourselves. They knew that we had learned the lessons of our old circumstances, and had discovered the strengths within ourselves that it required. They knew that we were ready to embrace change without looking back. THEY KNEW that we were ready for them to come through with miraculous help.

We were always sure to ask for what we truly wanted, for our heart's desire, for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED.

Then we watched in fascination over the next period of time as they fulfilled what has been spoken:





There is one more point that I wish to make that is VERY important. When we first started working closely with the angels, we found that when the angels answered a prayer, they often gave guidance in such subtle ways that it was hard for us to follow it. They are not in physical embodiment, as we are, and what was very obvious and powerful to them was often hardly perceptable to us.

We were driven to distraction! We called them in and explained to them that even if a person is a trained psychic, which most people are not, there are just so many distractions, so much room for error in interpretation, that is is nearly impossible to always accurately perceive and follow detailed inner guidance. We explained that we were spending too much time and energy trying to tune in all the time to what they wanted us to do, and that it was making us nervous and worried about bringing through the answers to our prayers.

We learned that it worked to ALWAYS ASK THAT THEIR GUIDANCE TO US BE VERY VERY STRONG, so strong that there is NO WAY that we could miss it, or mess it up! Once we learned to ask for this, our lives turned around drastically.

We learned to call in the angels three more times, as we described in the first message, and document all the reasons why, if they left it up to us, it was likely, in spite of our best efforts, for us to make mistakes. We told them why it is SO IMPORTANT that they, the angels, take full responsibility to MAKE THE ANSWERS MANIFEST undeniably and completely no matter what! Under the circumstances, we asked them to take ALL the responsiblity instead of relying on us.

This was just as important to the angels as it was to us. It allowed them to adjust their help in a realistic and often dramatic way. In this way we were able to relax, surrender and remain in assurance and faith in a childlike manner. When guidance did come through, thankfully it was so obvious, that no matter what we were doing, or what state of mind we were in, we got it.

"Ye MUST be as little children to enter the kingdom of God."

It took a long time for Michael and myself to learn how to relate successfully with them and get the results we needed, and to become confident of their help.

Our confidence grew bit by bit, answered prayer by answered prayer. We have given them some BIG requests!

 I remember saying to Michael once in the early days, "Well, honey, if we ask and they don't come through, then we are no worse off than we already are anyway. We have nothing to lose. If we ask them and they DO help us, then we have discovered one of the most important relationships of our lives! We will finally know what angels are, and what they do. This issue is so important that we have to try!"

I remember both of us telling them out loud that we were afraid that if we asked for their help and didn't receive it sometimes, or didn't perceive it, that it would be terribly discouraging to us. We explained to them that in physical incarnation we don't keep cars that only work 9 times out of 10, breaking down and leaving us stranded ten percent of the time. We explained how difficult it is for humans to remain in a relationship with a spouse who is faithful ninety per cent of the time, only being unfaithful ten per cent of the time. In other words, we were COMPLETELY HONEST AND REALISTIC to them about how important it is to us that they be reliable in their relationship with us. We asked them to come through in a consistent manner . We knew we were asking a lot, but our committment was honesty with them and ourselves and this is how we honestly felt.

Michael and I believe that everything depends on honesty and on depth of feeling.

The angels and the heavenly hosts are very powerful, and as the messengers of God, they are perfectly capable of doing all that is asked of them.

So the most important points in this message are to ask more than once, at least three times, and to insist that the angels answer your prayers consistently in such a way that there is no way that they can fail!

There is one more point that I have found to be important...many times after I have explained my unhappiness with a situation to the angels and ask for their help, I am not sure exactly what the solution is, what to ask for for the highest good. In this case I surrender the situation to the angels, asking them to diagnose it on every level and that whatever they do to heal it, and however they do it, that the results be the highest good of all concerned. To be honest, I have been the happiest with the outcomes when I do it this way. They see so much more than I do!

Remember to give thanks each time!

With great love,

Cynthia Rose

© Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser

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Note by Ulla

While I think I carefully and trustingly applied the above advice regarding “holding a conference” with the angels to invoke their help with some most urgent matter, I don’t feel any help was forthcoming. Instead - by passively trusting in heavenly assistance certain to be granted - I failed to take corrective steps on my own in a timely fashion, allowing the situation to become truly desperate ... It thus took much longer to resolve than it would have had I immediately taken the appropriate steps. But since life is so highly complex, it is my hope that even the seemingly greatest of hardships will lead to some “higher good” being achieved as the eventual result.
So while Cynthia’s experience with angelic help is wonderful and valid for her and perhaps many others, it may not be reproducible by everyone. In fact, well-known
OOB researcher Robert Bruce describes contact with angels as the most elusive feat to accomplish...
So please don’t be disappointed in case the suggested procedures don’t bring you the hoped-for results and assistance and your asking is not rewarded by the receiving you had hoped, wished and prayed for. Instead make sure that you do everything you can or feel guided to to remedy  the circumstance on your own  steam. Remember that after all, there is a saying “God helps those who help themselves” and Thomas Jefferson is reported to have advised to, "Never trouble another for what you can do for yourself." Certainly thoughts which are most worthwhile thinking about and possibly holding much truth...

Compare my introductory notes.

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