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The 28 Day Angel Meditation

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The following 28 Day Angel Meditation belongs to the earliest messages that Cynthia Rose Young received from the angelic realms. I originally thought of calling this sequence of meditations a “crash course to enlightenment” but please consider reading my (planned) personal notes following Day 28 ... I also urge you to read my introductory notes discussing the manifestation process and the question whether asking is truly always followed by receiving....

This meditation is best begun on the first day of the moon cycle (i.e. on the new moon) by starting with Day 1, continuing on the second day with Day 2 and so on until Day 28.

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by Cynthia Rose

These Angel messages were given in the 28 days prior to the Shumaker-Levy Comet breaking into 23 pieces and crashing into the surface of Jupiter in July of 1994.

In Quaballah, 9 is the most perfect number.

This astronomical event, 9 years ago, was the outward manifestation of inward changes.

There were 23 comet fragments, and the number 23 is associated with highly spiritual and scientific matters.  Here are some examples, there are 23 chromosome pairs in the human gene; there are 23 degrees in the earth's ecliptic, there are 23 years in the Heliopause, which is the cyclic expansion and contraction of the sun, and there are 23 pairs of gods in the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon of Deities.

These messages were given as a guide in what will be happening to us all as we evolve into these coming times.

...I was awakened each night from a deep sleep and the words just flowed out of the pen onto the paper.  Often I was so sleepy that I thought perhaps I had dreamed the whole thing, but in the morning I would find the paper with the message on it. Through out these readings, the Angels refer to a day as a "level" or a "power".
For example, the 9th day is referred to as the ninth power and that the 28th day is "positioned" over the 19th.

This leads us to believe that each day is a layer or level deeper into self-awareness and that these levels have specific dimensional locations similar the levels of the DNA Helix.

Each numbered day has a very specific position, which we interpret to mean that the 28-day sequence creates a specific energy pattern.

This adds a new dimension to these messages, as days to us are somewhat linear, Whereas, now they can be looked as levels of a spiral of related love energy/expressions.

If you read the entire 28-day cycle at one sitting, If at all possible go back and reread them one at a time at a later date. ”
Cynthia Rose

Important note: If you allow the wisdom and experiences of others, no matter how beautiful, to  be your guiding light without carefully consulting your own inner wisdom, you may be in for great disappointments. We therefore recommend (and in fact, so do the angels channelled by Cynthia) to always follow your own inner guidance above all else.

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