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Here are some of the messages channelled by Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser from the angelic realm.

The Angels and the Astrological Wheel
From the Angels: A Special Message For the Time After September 17, 2001
The Early Messages
"God's Love Shines Equally On The Good And Bad Alike"
The Meaning of Time
Time, Like a Highway
On "Relationships"
Cynthia's Story

Important note: If you allow the wisdom of others, no matter how beautiful, to be your sole guiding light without carefully consulting your own “inner wisdom”, you may be in for great disappointments. I therefore recommend (and in fact, so do the angels as channelled by Cynthia Rose) to always search for, learn to discern and follow your own guidance above others’ words and advice. See my introduction and personal note.

The Angels and the Astrological Wheel


Compare your astrological chart to see which angels are guiding you in this lifetime

The angels for each degree of the zodiac are applicable for any planet, asteroid, star, or point of interpretation in the astrological chart which has that degree.

For example: if your natal Mercury is in 3 degrees Libra, then the Angels of Peekah were blending their powers and qualities with your receptive mental processes at birth. By understanding the Divine Qualities of each letter of the name Peekah, you can understand the exact influences on your natal position of Mercury. By meditating on each quality in the order given in the name, you will have a formula of mastery for Mercury in your astrological chart.

In this example it would be

P……....…The urge towards perfection




A…….....All wisdom and enlightenment

H……......……..The power of the Word

In using this formula, it is important to master one letter before going on to the next.

This is because the formula is a PROCESS. To master a letter requires the fourfold meditation on the four levels of :

1. the will,

2. imagination,

3. feelings,

4. the actual act of meditation –which is the physical level.

Like with everything else in life, the more thoroughly you do this, the more benefit you will derive. Refer to the Cosmic Language messages for more detailed information about each letter.

Your angelic assignment is to obtain a copy of your astrological chart and start with the sun and then with the moon. You have until the first week of July of 2001 to do this, because it will take that long for all of the angel messages with all the degrees of the zodiac to go out over the web.

If you have a copy of your astrological chart, you can begin at least with the signs and the degrees already given for any of your planets, house cusps, or other points. At this point much of Cancer, all of Leo and Virgo and the beginning of Libra has been covered. The actual names of the angels of each degree has only recently been added to the angel messages. The list of omitted names and degrees is at the end of this message.

First look at the sign and the degree of the sun. Meditate on the name, the formula, and when that has been mastered, it is time to do the same with the moon, and so on.

The order of planets for meditation is:

All planets on the left side of this list are Magnetic-Receptive . All planets on the right side are Electric-Creative.


This is the level of the Atman –oversoul

The moon is the receptive expression of Universal Consciousness

The Sun is the creative expression of Universal Consciousness


Divine Love

Pluto is both magnetic and electric

This is the path of the soul


Venus is receptive love and mars is creative love

Both express on a personality level.


[Divine Wisdom}

Neptune is both magnetic and electric

It is the path of religion and spirituality


Mercury is receptive wisdom and Jupiter is creative wisdom

Both express on a personality level.


[Divine Will-Power]

Uranus is both electric and magnetic

Uranus is the kundalini, or instinctive life force energy


Saturn is receptive will and Earth is creative will

Both express on a personality level.

South node of the moon…………………..North node of the moon

The south node represents your status at beginning of this incarnation and the north node represents the final goal.

Rising Sign-Ascendant

Represents path of accomplishment


Represents the wounding of the soul that causes the personality to seek enlightenment in order to heal.

All other planets and points 

Transpluto planets* apply to the person who has matured to the stage of having consciously entered upon the path of enlightenment and service. This would apply to almost anyone reading these messages.

*[Software can be obtained from Astrolabe .Tel.: USA [508] 896-5081*Fax: [508]896-5289] Future angel messages will have interpretations for these planets beyond Pluto.


From the Angels: A Special Message For the Time After September 17, 2001

Beloved, The last date on the Pyramid of Giza Calendar time line, at the entrance of the King’s Chamber of Initiation, is September 17th, 2001.

Now that that time on earth has arrived, every child of God is experiencing initiation.

Be assured that ALL of the heavenly hosts are in attendance.

Watch carefully from the stillness in the deepest recesses of your heart, as Divine Consciousness is born into the awareness of every child of God on Earth.

"As above, so below."

With both spiritual and physical birth, there is potential for pain, danger, and suffering . There is also potential for ecstatic joy, bliss, love, enlightenment, peace, and triumph.

With spiritual birth, there is emotional, mental, and spiritual bleeding and tremendous change in the physical realm.

The manifestation of danger and pain, or joy and peace, is directly related to the emotional state of Mother and Child in both physical and spiritual birth.

The Mother, in this case, is Mother Earth. Some of the children of God going through the initiation of spiritual birth are in peaceful and beautiful surroundings, and others are in places of hardship.

On this planet of free will, each child of God has chosen well their parents, country, and situation so that their unique needs are met to catalyze the ending of their old stage of being and their birth into higher consciousness.

A child of God who maintains an emotional climate of predominantly loving and peaceful emotion attracts a spiritual birthing that is more positive, regardless of physical location, than one who does not.

Emotions are magnetic, and attract into physical form whatever manifestations correspond with their dominant frequencies. Positive emotions, whether of Mother or Child, have the power to create miracles.

For this reason, our primary teaching is to process all negative emotions quickly in a safe and non-destructive manner, by letting them flow and heal, so that they transmute into positive feelings.

From a place of love and faith, the earth and the children upon her may experience a painless and easy birth. Difficult or easy, however, the spiritual birth of each child of God is beautiful and watched over by many angels.

As each child of God exercises their free will in the coming days, angels are watching over every footstep, ready to come when called.

Watch carefully over your heart so that it stays in peace concerning the adventures and experiences of others as they are born to their Higher Awareness. Know that there is a deeper wisdom at work in each and every case.

In the vast panorama of images, emotions, and thoughts that you see, feel, and hear around you, know that the end result is great joy. Know that this joy has been predetermined by the Creator of All.

"For I have not given you the spirit of Fear, but of Joy, and life everlasting."

Understand and accept that the heavenly hosts, and Divine Consciousness itself, loves, guides, and protects each and every precious life upon the earth. By understanding this; faith, gratitude, and quiet joy is possible, even in the face of great change.

Positive feelings shine like a light in the darkness, and illumine the path for others, and Divine Intervention occurs frequently. "One good man can save a city of ten thousand, and ten can save the world."

This is a great and glorious time upon the earth, one that has been spoken of for eons.

Know that we, the heavenly hosts love you. In the unified field, which is the web of life, we are ALL ONE. Because of this, you may ask that we help you, and so it shall be. Surrender to us what you cannot do for yourself, or do for others, and it will be as the right hand helping the left.

This is a great and glorious time upon the earth, one that has been spoken of for eons.

"Ask, and ye shall receive."

"All that I do, ye shall do and more."



The Early Messages

The following messages came in as important points that the angels wanted to Hurriedly address while I was still writing their messages following the 28 day cycle.

Beginning in June of 2000, these early daily messages were sent out. When I finished sending this first group of messages, which had come through in 1994, I began a series of daily messages based on Quaballah, corresponding to the 360 degrees of the zodiac and the masters of the zone girdling the earth who correspond to each degree. I did this from the point of view of the angels groups who work with each of these.


Be As Little Children

As we complete this cycle of communion with you, there is one more message that we wish explain.

We see that it is not that children become as their parents, but that the parents become as their children.

Being a child means to awake each day with a completely clean slate, to open one's eyes in wonder and great expectancy, to live in the moment with full awareness of feeling, to play, to have fun, to give love, to expect love, to trust and to be fully present.

"Except ye be as little children, ye shall in no way enter the Kingdom of Heaven." [Mat.18:2-4] Ponder on this.

We ask that you take time and take stock of your emotional life.

To what degree are you happy? Joyous? Fulfilled? Creative?

The answers that you discover are the collective fruits of your beliefs that you have inherited from your ancestors. To the extent that these answers are not good, then to that extent the beliefs which caused them are not good.

Study then the little children. Do not take away their joy. DO not confine their minds, their hearts, their bodies to the ways of the adults. [Mat.18:3]

Instead, REMEMBER who you were as a child. Go back... Remember. BE. Be again free, natural and spontaneous and trusting.

Discover again the energy of Life as it flows throughout you and the universe in its ancient natural state.

Learn again to flow with the feelings in your heart. Learn to do that which brings you joy. And your light will shine unto all the world. Learn again the lessons of the immortal truth....that a child [Isa11:6] shall lead them... THE CHILD THAT YOU ARE SHALL LEAD THEM. You.


"God's Love Shines Equally On The Good And Bad Alike"

Beloved, for three days we have attempted to deliver this message. Grateful that we finally are able to get through to you!

Prepare, prepare!

The time is here when great changes have begun on the causal (mental) and astral (feeling) levels of your world!

These changes are preparations for the month that you know in your world as July!*

We wish to explain the nature of these changes to you at this time. Always, always the people of your world look to the outer world of the senses for signs of change.

We wish to direct your gaze inward. The changes that are to occur will be on the inner worlds, worlds that you know of as "Dream Time. "This world of "Dream Time" is a precursor to the world of the five senses.

Therefore, there will be events "out there" but they are the last echoes of Dream Time events. It is important to us, the Angels of Ah-lo-khim, the Angels of the Dream Time, that certain Humans be present in consciousness for these changes.

This is important because the vibrations of the central spinal chord resonate to consciousness –and certain numbers of spinal chord vibrations are needed to resonate to this awareness in order for a smooth and speedy recovery of the outer world to take effect. Therefore we have chosen you and certain ones who will receive this message to take on this awareness. The archetypes of the Kingdom of Heaven are being placed in Dream Time now.

This process will be largely complete by April 7th of your next year. The timing of now to July 17th is one of basic restructuring of major 4-square archetypes known in your world as foundations. The 4 foundations are:


These are BASIC general translations of divine qualities which are being activated and established at this time. These are the "foundation stones" on which to build the Kingdom

of Joy,
and Love,
and Peace,
and Beauty.

Pass on the words of these building blocks.

We ask that each one of you meditate patiently on their meanings until you can feel their qualities permeating your feelings and creating wonderful understandings in your mind.

Meditate on serenity

On plenty
On hopefulness
On sovereignty!
We Love You.
We are ONE with YOU.
We are the Ah-lo-khim
The Angels of high miracles who work in the Dream Time.
We Love You

*Author’s note: There were 23 comet fragments that hit Jupiter. Jupiter is known in ancient esoteric traditions as the place of Wisdom and Enlightenment. It is the outer symbol of the inner place within our psyche wherein dwells Higher Truth. It is spoken of as the dwelling place of the ascended Masters who guide the earth. There are 23 chromosome pairs in the human Genome. There are 23 degrees in the earth’s ecliptic. There are 23 years in the sun’s heliopause. There are 23 nefirs in the Egyptian pantheon of Gods.

In the last years of Buckminster Fuller’s life, he would not meet in person with anyone who had not read THE COSMIC TRIGGER, by Robert Anton Wilson. This book was about the number 23* [A wonderful experience is to visit the web site for a tour through the EMOTIONS THAT ARISE FROM THE PSYCHE AS THE ENERGIES ARE ACTIVATED OF THE 23 chromosome pairs of the human genome. It is suggested that you read the interviews as a myth so that the question of whether or not they are literally true does not distract from the deeper message. Click on the Wingmakers logo at the top and then on the next page on the photo of the cavern on the top left to access the 23 chambers. Play the music while reading the poems and looking at the paintings.]


The Meaning of Time

Beloved, we come before you, at this time to remind you that ultimately each person's experience of time, on a day to day basis, is a creation of his or her own. Many people do not know this. Most people experience time, as they know it on earth, in the same ways consciously as their parents and their forebears before them.

Because of this, most people do not meditate. They do not have an allotment of time to do it in.

Time is divided into four segments. These are called respectively, Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta waves. Most of you will recognize these terms as brain waves, referring to the number of oscillations per second of electrical activity. They relate to different foci of attention.

They are:

DELTA - 0 to 4 cycles per second of brain wave activity. Your scientists have referred to this type of activity as deep being, Pure Being. This level is the precursor to individual thought. Therefore, there is no thought action in Delta, just pure awareness. This is the realm approaching No Time. It is your Buddhist Masters who would explain it as the Void. Others would call it God, The Silence, The Stillness, the Pause Before Being. It is the region of the AUM (OM) mantra in its origination. THIS IS THE MASCULINE ENERGY OF WILL AND INTENT.

THETA - 4 to 6 or 8 cycles per second of brain wave pulsation. This state is called Deep Inward Thinking or Creative Imagination as it is applied to inward realities and worlds. This realm of activity is referred to as the Causal Plane, The Dominion, The Birthplace of Space and Time. Sequence of events are first found in Theta.

ALPHA - the realm of the feelings, the emotions are the energy realms that are precursors of the physical world. Examples of this are confidence, elation, peace, hope, beauty, and love. This is the level of experiencing the results of previously created thought and imaginings of the Theta regions explained above. On this level we experience time. THIS IS THE FEMININE ENERGY OF SOUL. The cycles in Alpha are from 6 to 8 per second to 10 to12 cycles per second of brainwave activity. (range varies depending on the individual).

BETA - 12 cycles and up. This is the brain state of awareness of physical body sensations. This is the level of experiencing SPACE. The body senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell are beta. Unfortunately, in your culture, as children you were often forced to focus your awareness on the level of the five senses and material reality during many of the phases of your childhood when your being really needed to experience the other levels. Because of this, a form of disassociation or forgetfulness occurred through constant and forced repetition of the above situation. This has resulted in a forgetting of your Sonship or Daughtership with the Father Mother aspect of your Being, or a slipping down into the realms of dreams and vague imaginings of mass conscious illusion. This level of perception meant that miracles often could not be perceived within the realm of your experience as they should have been. It is natural for children to perceive miracles, which is why it has been taught that you must be as little children if you would enter into the kingdom of heaven. That is why it is important for you to know and understand these levels of awareness and to reawaken your ability to spend time in each one.

We offer this knowledge to you as a precursor of re-awakening. We desire you to equally appreciate the forms of time known on your plane as: Pure Being (Delta), Deep Inward Thought (Theta), experiencing Feelings (Alpha, which will result in great healing) and Beta, or the senses of body.

It is our joy to remind you that you have spent other times experiencing the four states of time. It will be easy for you to remember. The SOUL is eternal. Existence is before and after your birth and death in physical form.

Love OM – Shanti® Peace, The Angels of Peace and of Light

Again! By shifting the paradigm, by claiming your power as Children of God, inheritors of the Kingdom, your Dominion is regained in clarity and truth. Must you compromise? Would you have "any" that would be lost? All is yourself, for you are Omnipresent, in all, as all. Would you not Heal rather than cast off any "wounded" parts?

Wake Up! Dispel the Illusion!
Help is as close as you. You have the Kingdom!
Spontaneous Remission! Ponder these words...
We Love You
The Angels


Time, Like a Highway

Dearest One,

It is important, at this time, to speak with you again about Time. Often in our recent Angel Messages we have spoken of the past, present, and future as if they are equally "changeable."

We know this confuses you. We will explain. Often, when you are "viewing" time or, as your scientist might say, "when you are perceiving the flow of events in time", it appears as if you are traveling along a highway or "ribbon" of Time. The past is behind you, the present is where you are now, while the future lies ahead.

To take the analogy a little bit further, suppose you were to enter into a flying vehicle, like a helicopter or space ship and rise up above the "Now" place on your time highway. The higher you arose, the more you would see simultaneously, at one time, on the highway below. What had been out of sight before, lost in the distance behind or before you becomes like unto the eagle's eye as he flies high above the earth, easily visible, all at once, with one glance.

We will to tell you, children of truth, that time is like that highway.

There is a level of consciousness high enough that one can see the entire "road" as one giant circle, as if the road went around the earth and circled back upon itself. At one glance, then, the entire circle can be seen at once.

Time is like that, the past, the present, and the future is actually a circle of energy, happening simultaneously, all at once. When you change your mind, when you move from Beta Waves (physical perception), to a deeper state (which is actually a higher state), you create what you perceive. In fact, you see what you believe you will see and shape reality to fit that. The entire circle of Time, in that moment of creative decision and inward visualization, changes. Ask any Zen master, ask Anyone who has mastered the ability to create peace.

There is a new science in your world which is actually as old as time itself called Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. (Editor’s Note: NLP is a system of Psychotherapy that involves programming experience. There are numerous techniques and steps involved in NLP and a true description would take too much room. Suffice it to say "reprogramming" the past is one of its tenants and it is "reprogramming" that the Angels are alluding to in this message.)

When you look into this science, you will see that it is based upon the understanding of this very knowledge. It is simple for people of your world to experience what you call virtual miracles using this knowledge , even to the extent of walking unharmed over very hot burning coals.

The topic is so pivotal to your Sonship and Daughtership with the Mother-Father aspect of your being, that we will recapitulate what we have just explained.

If what "you perceive" does not feel joyful enough to your heart. Do this: Go within to your deepest, quietest, most still place in consciousness. Locate the "feeling" of Joy that you would like to be experiencing as if you could have anything you desire. Feel the feeling, the joy, the love, the prosperity, or whatever.... While feeling this most exquisite joy and love and gratitude, locate, deep with you, an image of a "possible" reality that would be an appropriate setting for your joyful feelings. (If you have difficulty, you can ask God to provide this image for you.)

Then decide, and ask the All That IS, to let this feeling and this reality BE What You See on all levels, past, present and future. You are "changing" the software! Continue to experience this feeling and image for awhile. The more passion and energy that you put into this, the quicker the new software takes effect. Ask Divine Providence to use Omnipotent Power to manifest it with infinite knowledge and love in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned.

For Example: Desired: The feeling is Joy, Love, and Gratitude of Ecstatic Bliss. Imagine: A beautiful world of happy people, places, things, plants, animals, etc. Hold: The Desired Feelings, hold the Image. Ask the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Intelligence to BE the Reality.

We have decided, since we do have an understanding of the physical, emotional and mental changes that are underway in your awareness, at this time to address the level of doubt that you hold. Doubt short-circuits manifestation on the astral plane, the level of feelings. Doubt, as you know it, is a form of Fear. Fear is a form of love that has folded back upon itself. Love does this when it believes that it is separate from "others".

What we have to say is this: Allow your fear to Unfold and turn back into love. This takes courage, concentration and patience. Ask us to help you. Allow God time to show you that when your love shines forth unto others, that their love comes back to you multiplied and in glorious ways. Also understand that when you have imagined the world of Beauty and Perfection, you enable your feelings of joy, love and gratitude to shine forth. "Others" will receive the image and feelings of this perfect world, and they also will begin to create this reality. This energy will come back to you multiplied and in glorious ways.

However, we refer to the previous Angel Message on the four segments of Time, so that your images of the "perfect world" and the feelings of love and joy are held in all four segments at once to "shine forth:"

Delta - stillness, pure being
Theta - deep inward thought
Alpha - feelings, emotions
Beta - the perceptions of the body's interactions with others.
We Love You
The Angels
We Are One


On "Relationships"

Beloved, we gathered here with you tonight to discuss Relationship. It has been written: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and All Else shall be added unto you!" (Mat 6:33)

The kundalini, or sexual energy, as your energy experts that are known as psychologists and psychiatrists call it, is actually the only energy in the universe. Beyond that, energy is stillness or Pure Being in its original state.

There are generally three responses to sexual energy.

The first is fear, which leads to resistance, denial, and sometimes repression and disassociation. Mental, emotional and physical weakness results from this.

The second response is fascination and adiction to sexual energy. In this state, sexual energy is seen as all desirable and is exploited in order to receive all possible stimulation from it. Mental, emotional and physical exhaustion come from this response.

The third response is understanding and mastery of sexual energy. In this science sexual energy is used consciously to create whatever is the highest good for any particular time and circumstance. True ecstasy and bliss is now under one’s control and herein lies the upward spiral of higher and higher consciousness and experience. Sexual energy can be guided to whatever level of reality that is desired, for it can be directed up the spine to the various glandular ganglia with their corresponding psychoactive hormones and levels of consciousness. If the sexual act is chosen, the orgasmic energy is directed up the spine to energize and heal the body. If celibacy is chosen, the sexual energy can still be directed to the higher levels of the spine.

The Kingdom of Heaven is generally associated with the region above the top of the head. Some people associate it with the region of the heart. In either case, seeking the Kingdom in these areas causes the kundalini, or sexual energy, to be drawn upward into these regions. The science of how and why this happens is the Yoga of India, the flaming sword of Kaballah, and the Quedoshka of the Native American Indians.

The Love that each person seeks, which is the motivating force behind Relationship, is best sought first within ones own spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body temples. Once found there, the awareness and experience will be full of Love, and those persons and relationships which will act out that Love will inevitably be drawn unto one.

That is why it has been spoken: "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven and All Else will be added unto you." (Mat 6:23)

We say unto you, that there is only One Being. This Being is Love and is everywhere present, in all the inner worlds and all of the outer worlds. But it must be found first within, and all else follows. For the Within is Cause, the Without only mirrors Effect. So we leave you with this thought: that there is only One Being, and this Unity of Being is accessed first within your own consciousness.

Once found, all the different "versions" of yourself will unite with you in Love Awareness in the outer worlds.

We Love You
We Are One With You
Om, Shalom, Shalom, Om Shalom



Beloved, we have come here before you at this time to explain why it is that the war in the dreamtime must be won by love, before the wars in the outer world can be put to rest.

It was spoken of in your time by the Master Jesus that thanks must be given for all things , for that is the will of the God concerning you. [Eph.5:20] And yet we have seen wars on your world for millennia, fought by good people against others in the name of righteousness and religious belief.

Time after time after time, fathers have cast out daughters, brother has turned against brother, in the name of God.

This God, who is the true Creator of all worlds, would have you live in Peace. This God, who is the sustainer of all life, would have you wage compassion and love in His name, not war. For this God, for whom you so readily sacrifice all, would have you give thanks for ALL things, instead of judging any and creating separation and strife.

Love it is that is the greatest Power. Love it is that contains within it the essence of Wisdom and Truth.

For so long upon your world your teachers have created fear and loathing for many of God’s children and creatures. All children and creatures are created in Love and are maintained in love.

The Rebellious Angels were cast out of heaven for disobeying God’s WILL and His command that they obey His Son. This event was a part of a larger plan in the being of God. This plan resulted in the free will of Earth, a place of high learning in real time, where man and woman could come to understand the practical effects of the powers inherent in creation.

This is the place where man and woman could finally, over many lifetimes, realize the seriousness and vast potential of their sonship and daughtership with the Most High.

This is where they would finally learn that the matrix of all creation is woven out of Love.

We bring this up at this time because it is of the utmost importance that you come to understand that fear and resistance WILL NEVER CREATE ANYTHING OTHER THAN MORE FEAR AND RESISTANCE. Like produces like. A seed produces after it’s own kind. If it is LOVE that you seek, then it is LOVE that you must sow.

Unconditional love, love for ALL things, is what will finally conquer and still the forces of war , anger, hate, suffering, and all the other qualities of evil. This love applies for everything in the inner worlds as well as the outer.

Love yourself in all of your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Love everything that exists. For love forgives and redeems all that it touches.

Evil is the word in your language that symbolizes the state of NO LOVE. Evil is the word that represents the fruits of fear and resistance. Evil is based on the belief of separation, which is opposite to the truth of the UNDERSTANDING OF THE ONENESS OF ALL LIFE. Anyone who has seen war knows that war is evil. Fighting is an act of war. Whether you fight yourself or another, it can only lead to suffering.

Fear and the fight against the fallen angels has led to their predominance of power on the planet. It is fear and resistance to them and their works that has given them so much power. Ask yourself this question: "Do I place my faith in the Power of Love and Oneness or do I place my faith in fighting and war?" It is a seeming paradox. How can you love that which is unlovable? Without this understanding of the Oneness of All Life on all planes, you are bound to see the separation of all life on all planes.

We say unto you now, that unless you SEE BEHIND THE ILLUSION, the illusion OF SEPARATION, and see the face of the ONE BEING in all of creation, the unified field, behind ALL faces, you shall never be free. When you see the separation, you are already lost. No amount of war and suffering on your part, or on the part of your sons and daughters will bring about a reconciliation of the forces of good and evil, for evil IS THE BELIEF IN SEPARATION. THIS IS THE BIG LIE UPON WHICH ALL EVIL IS BASED.

We are not separate. We are ONE in God.

As Christ said, "What you do unto the least of these, you do unto me." When a soul has finally reached the place of experiencing through grace the ONENESS of ALL LIFE, then even the fallen angels will bend their knees and bow in submission. For they also are a part of the one being, and if even one human being confronts them with this truth, that human being will overcome.

The fallen angels’ eons of lying THE ANCIENT LIE that we are all separate crumbles in a second in the face of Universal Love.

We urge you to follow in the footsteps of those who have taught you the power and wisdom of love.

It is this understanding of THE ONE GOD that separates those who seek and those who have attained. For the seekers have found not. They desire the fruits of peace and the oneness of all being, and yet they are caught in the the illusion of separation. This is why the true seekers of the world have been willing for so long to fight for their beliefs. The belief that the fruit of fighting would bring peace is similar to believing that the fruit of a mustard seed would bring wheat. Like produces like. Fighting will never bring lasting peace.

Here is where the ‘peace that passeth understanding’ comes into play. When the consciousness is seated in the reality of ONENESS, all the appearances of separation become transparent and the face of the DIVINE is seen everywhere. This is a great mystery, it is the peace that passeth understanding.

When Man and Woman Divine refuse to accept the illusion of separation as truth, but instead sees the reality of ONENESS, then no resistance or judgement ensues. Only thanksgiving and LOVE is experienced.

It is this love that conquers. It is this love that heals. Miracles ride the winds of this love. It is this love that finally redeems the years and years of strife and turmoil that has ensnared the earth for so many millennia.

When man and woman confront the fallen angels with the sword of love, the sword of the truth that WE ARE ALL ONE, then evil is vanquished and peace can finally return to earth.

This must first be accomplished within the inner worlds of the consciousness, the dreamtime, and automatically it will reflect in the outer worlds of form.

We understand that this teaching is a giant leap in consciousness from what your teachers have modeled for you for so long. It is time to end the war.

It is time to be at peace. It is time for the LIE of separation to be uncovered and replaced with the understanding of the ONENESS of ALL LIFE. It is time for LOVE to reign in triumph over fear.

In peace we walk with you.
In peace we are one with you.
In peace we are LOVE together.
The Angels


We are all One.
When One is Harmed, All are Harmed.
When One is Helped, All are Helped.
Therefore in the name of Who I Am
One with All, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient and All Loving
One with All the Masters, Saints and Prophets, with All Beings and the Christ,
I ask that only that which is the highest good of all concerned happen here:
The greatest Beauty and Harmony on the physical plane,
The greatest Joy and Love on the emotional plane
The greatest Illumination and Wisdom on the mental plane
And the greatest unity with God on the spiritual plane, the plane of will. I give thanks that this is done.


Cynthia's Story

“The first angel messages came through in 1994 just prior to the Jupiter impact of 23 comets. I was awakened each night from a deep sleep and the words just flowed out onto the paper. Often I was so sleepy that I thought perhaps I had dreamed the whole thing, but in the morning I would find the paper with the message on it. I do remember the most beautiful feeling of protection and guidance while I was writing.
The angels knew that soon I would be composing music from the sound current that would keep me from writing down angel messages until the summer of 2000, six years later. In the 1994 series, I received The Twenty Eight Days, and beginning in July, 2000, I began receiving the Giant Clock and with it the The Cosmic Language.”

Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser is a spiritual sensitive. Born in 1949 in Atlanta, Georgia, she prayed to angels and played with little people as a small child. She has been painting through guidance since she was three, and began to sell the angel music that she is guided to play in 1992.

She has the first mechanical patent on a fashion garment in 85 years, the angels guided her to make a garment that is multi-dimensional.

She lives with her husband, seven dogs, and a cat in a home which is also a music studio, art gallery, and a gallery of paradigm shifts to demonstrate ways of living in the Ancient Future.

Cynthia and her husband, Michael, are writing a book and giving workshops on Emotional Healing.

She also publishes an angel message newsletter seven days a week over the web that is based on the angels of the ancient Quaballah. Email to subscribe to her daily angelic messages

These messages form a course curriculum for learning the Cosmic Language.

Cynthia has been a third degree Reiki Master since the mid-eighties and is an ordained minister in the Church of Universal Brotherhood. Her teachers include Harley Swiftdeer Reagan, Cujena Machek, Rev. Joseph Martinez, Pir Valayat Inayat Khan, John Lapp, Frank Sullivan, Juan Mattatal, Leroy Zimski, Bill Torvund, and others. Other than this, she is mostly self-taught and does not hold any degrees , she had to drop out of school as quickly as possible because she is too right brain for conventional educational paradigms.

She has been an adventurer in paradigm shifts all of her life. She was an original founder of the Lighthouse family in the late sixties, the Wynn Lake Community in North Georgia in the seventies, and has been happily married to Michael, a leading paradigm shifter in the field of psychology since the early eighties.

They are living in their music and art studio on the third highest elevation in Atlanta overlooking the headwaters of South River.

© Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser

Email Cynthia Rose to subscribe to her daily angelic messages: spiritus at

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