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This site is devoted to texts which Cynthia Rose Young channelled from the angelic realms. They are loving, uplifting and inspiring. Enjoy!

Cynthia Rose's messages are based on the pioneering work of Franz Bardon. An introduction and all books written by or about him can be found and purchased here.

Click here for the German version of Cynthia Rose's angel messages.

Important introductory note:
As in healing the body, healing one's feelings, thoughts and life in general may be a very personal and individual journey, and what works successfully for one may not necessarily work for another. So if you are facing great challenges and understandably looking for advice, help and guidance in overcoming them, allowing the wisdom of others, no matter how loving and beautiful, to be your sole guiding light without carefully looking for, finding, learning to discern and consulting your own "inner wisdom", may set you up for great disappointments. I recommend (and in fact, so do the beings channelled in Cynthia's messsages) to always search out your own guidance and discernment above others' advice and become as clear as possible on your own motives. Know Thyself - nobody can truly make decisions for you than you yourself - hopefully under the guidance of your higher and wiser aspects (that in my eyes undoubtedly exist).

While I did not feel helped by my attempted angelic contacts (see "Angelic Help? - Personal Note"), one of the things I did find helpful is Using tarot cards  for "highest good of all" guidance which has assisted me with decisions in challenging situations (incl. free online readings).

"Ask and ye shall receive" - is it really that easy?
In the following pages, you will find the statement "Ask and ye shall receive" presented with great insistence a number of times. My personal experience, however, has made me wholeheartedly agree with the insight re manifestation shared by Bob Scheinfeld, brilliant (though a bit too commercial for my taste) founder of The Invisible Path to Success. Bob summarizes his basic insight after many years of teaching self-help skills with various well-known leaders in the field into "[t]here are no limitations to the results you can produce ... - except those imposed by the specifics of the life purpose you came here to fulfill." In other words, I feel that the manifestation process can be many-faceted and more complex than portrayed in certain teachings.
More from an interview with Bob: "I really people rules and formulas because I think it's dis-empowering...I think the real power comes from finding the customized solution for you [by yourself]." And in reply to the interviewer remarking "So many teachers and gurus come out with: 'This is the one true way.' A lot of organizations seem to do that. So this is kind of refreshing to have a guy say, 'I don't know what's best for you, but here's how you can find out.'", Bob says: "I don't know what's best for me. That's why I'm always asking for help when I need help in my own life, because I realize that my perspective is so limited... ...when anybody wants to awaken their intuition, or they want to produce any result, I always say to send a request into the Invisible Network asking your Director or Inner CEO for help to find the best way for you. Then you've got to be real open to what comes back, and that takes effort.
Also read "Angelic Help? - Personal Note"

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