Angel Day 28




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 28

28th Angel Message

Beloved, we reach again the still point,
the new Point,
before yet a new beginning, an ever larger spiral of life evolving.
This point is directly above the 19th level,
which was above the l0th.
These are times of stillness, of the VOID, of the Silence,
of the Presence.
As you can see, the cycles repeat themselves in terms of the 1 9,
and the 10th,
which is the still point giving birth to the new impulse that begins another cycle.
Welcome to the mystery!
Welcome to the ebb and flow of THE DIVINE!
We leave you at this point,* as our future messages, at least for a while,
will concern other things.
We love you.
We join our hearts with yours.
We await your requests for our interaction with you.
We are one with you.
We are one in the body of the OMNIPRESENT DIVINE.

We are one - We are one.
The cycles continue for eternity through levels unmentionable in numbers,
each larger than the last, and yet the same.
Holy children of the Almighty Creator!

As we complete this cycle of communion with you,
there is one more message that we wish to* explain.
We see that it is not that children become as their parents,
but that the parents
become as their children.
Being a child means to awake each day with a completely clean slate,
to open one's eyes in wonder and great expectancy,
to live in the moment with full awareness of feeling,
to play,
to have fun,
to give love,
to expect love,
to trust and to be fully present.
"Except ye be as little children,
ye shall in no way enter the Kingdom of Heaven." [Mat. 18:2-4]
Ponder on this.
We ask that you take time and take stock of your emotional life.
To what degree are you happy?
The answers that you discover are the collective fruits of your beliefs that you have inherited from your ancestors.
To the extent that these answers are not good,
then to that extent the beliefs which caused them are not good.
Study then the little children.
Do not take away their joy.
Do not confine their minds,
their hearts,
their bodies to the ways of the adults. [Mat. 18:3]
Instead, REMEMBER who you were as a child.
Go back....Remember.
Be again free,
natural and spontaneous and trusting.
Discover again the energy of Life as it flows throughout you and the universe in its ancient natural state.
Learn again to flow with the feelings in your heart.
Learn to do that which brings you joy.
And your light will shine unto all the world.
Learn again the lessons of the immortal truth....that a child [Isa 11:6] shall lead them...
We are with you every step of the way.
The Angels

And he saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you,
Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man. [John 1:51]

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