Angel Day 8




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 8

8th Angel Message

Beloved, we come before you tonight with a message of hope.
It is true that at times in your world we seem distant and unreal because there is no touch,
no sound and only the vision within your mindís eye to bear witness of our presence.
What then is there for you to believe in at those times?
Who is it, indeed, that you speak to, or with, when you invoke us and call us into your presence?
Listen then, as we speak with you this time.
It is we who are the thoughts that drift upon your mind when you look at a sunset,
or a growing rose, or a beautiful scene.
It is we who hold the vibrations of beauty, of holiness, of wonder, of reverence for all life.
Remember at those times that we are the "frequencies" of intelligence and awareness
that come upon you, sort of like your "bands" of radio or television frequencies.
Now when the knowledge of the ONENESS OF ALL LIFE has become a part of your awareness,
a certain harmlessness and purity is obtained.
Because of this there is greater safety in the use of power
and less danger that this power
will be knowingly used to harm another.
It is at this stage in your development that the ability to affect the WHOLE OF CREATION
in a conscious way begins to truly manifest.
As the motivation becomes one of wanting to serve and help others,
the law of reciprocal action begins to bring greater and greater blessings.
For this reason, it is at this state
that prosperity begins to accumulate,
the Prosperity of love, of friendships, of satisfaction, of understanding, of material manifestations, begins to manifest.
A person's power is in direct proportion to the greatness of their thoughts.
At this point one is more and more aware of THE WHOLE -
Great power now begins to be wielded.
It is at this stage that one really begins to ''take on the sins of the whole world" [Ga. 1:4.].
Through LOVE, through desire to manifest peace, these are transmuted and uplifted greatly for all beings [John 14:12].
This then is the 8th power,

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