Angel Day 7




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 7

7th Angel Message

BELOVED - We come before you humbly this time -
for it is at this point in our relationship that we see you have fully integrated that which gives birth to WISDOM.
At this point in your awareness, we see that you have finally integrated and accepted that WE ARE ALL ONE.
Get thee Wisdom!
"Be ye therefore gentle as doves and as wise as serpents."
(Mat 10:16)
So you have been taught.
Truly we say to you the beginning of TRUE WISDOM is the understanding that WE ARE ALL ONE.
From this all else follows;
the 10 commandments,
the true understanding of God.
No longer will you wonder, "Why do the Angels care so much for me?
Why are they so ready to answer my call?"
For true it is, and now it is clear that we are verily a part of YOURSELF.
In helping you, we help ALL THAT IS,
because nothing happens to one part that doesn't affect the entire BEING OF GOD.
This is why it was written in your bible that God is aware of even the least sparrow. (Mat 10:29)
And so it is.
So, it is here, that we tell you that at this point you have passed through a certain gateway,
an initiation,
a stage in the development of your awareness.
It is likened unto a boy becoming a man and a girl, a woman.
So great a place of quickening is this that growth after this point
will take a "quantum leap" as your scientists sometimes call it.
Close your eyes.
Relax into a gentle repose.
Deeply and slowly breathe.
Relax - relax - relax - loosen all of your body temple.
Now, go within - discover that the pathway to travel to the stars,
to other dimensions,
through all times - is to go within, within, within.
Go deeply within.
Then ask to be shown whatever it is you wish to see.
Ask to be taken anywhere you wish to go.
ALLOW - surrender - refrain from thinking - just allow and experience.
Go WITHIN - now you are traveling.
This is how you access the MIND OF GOD.


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