Angel Day 6




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 6

6th Angel Message

Dearly Beloved.
As a man or woman transcends in awareness to become God, at the same time,
given automatically and in most cases simultaneously, is the awareness that EVERYTHING is also God.
Everything is at the same time, one with and part of the very SELF of the person who has just made this transition in consciousness.
This brings about what is known in your language
as FAMILY in its divine sense.
Every man becomes a true brother,
every woman your own "flesh and blood."
Yea further, every animal, every tree, every star all becomes holy,
and a part of SELF.
Simultaneously, also, will be discovered with this awareness and feeling of FAMILY,
that all beings thus considered and related to in this way
will automatically respond in kind.
Here is the phenomenon of the animals
flocking to touch St. Francis of Assisi,
and the safety of Daniel in the lion's den.
Truly wonderful, it is then, that as man and woman become God,
Heaven also appears on EARTH.
Consider, then, how necessary for man and woman to seek the TRUTH WITHIN.
How necessary for all things depend on it.
Yet, as Christ told the disciples, "I, of myself, can do nothing,
it is the FATHER WITHIN,
it is HE that doeth the works!" (John 5:19)
We point this out as yet again
we entreat you to break the centuries-old habit
of trying to "do it yourself”.
We, the Angels, are a part of yourself.
Just as a creek will offer water to quench your thirst,
so also will the ANGELS do your bidding.
And, yes, you are children of the Creator.

Turn not your awareness away from us,
for in us and through us is a source of spiritual nourishment
and a pathway to your INNER SELF,
your are the true CHILD OF GOD!
(Again refer to Psalm 91:11-12,
"He will put you in his Angels' charge to guard you wherever you go.
They will support you on their hands in case you hurt your foot
against a stone.")
Take this moment, then.
Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Ask. Ask.
We are ONE with you; we are ONE WITH GOD.
"You shall ask, and it shall be given." (Mat 7:7)
"Consider the lilies of the field . . ." (Luke 12:27)
Go within.
 Shalom is Hebrew for love.

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