Angel Day 4




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 4

4th Angel Message

Beloved - Amazing it is to us, here in the Angelic Realm,
that you have come before us this 4th time.
With each message, each transmission,
a new frequency of understanding is forged
from our kingdom of awareness into yours.
Four is the number of manifestation on the plane that you know of as EARTH,
as the material plane.
With this transmission a definite and more or less permanent connection is made,
an interdimensional doorway,
between our awareness and yours.
Be it also known to you
that a steady and unbroken cycle of 28 days,
known in your world as one Lunar cycle,
will indeed bring about a doorway
which will be in effect for at least 20 thousand of your years.
For this reason we wish to instruct, and entreat, those of you who hear our messages
to commit unfailingly to an unbroken 28 days of conscious communication with us,
your brothers, even if only for a few minutes of your earth time each day.
This connection will be there for you personally,
and as more and more of you
establish this creation in your energy matrix,
it will become more and more available to the mass consciousness of the 3rd dimension.
The rate of all this has to do, also, with the sacred art of numbers and sequence.
We stand in silence and stillness at the creation of this connection within:
The heart and mind of Almighty God in His manifest realms.

known in your language as MANKIND,

You who for so long identified your SELF as weak,
as nothing,
as victim;
you, who wield the entire dominion over ALL that God has created and called GOOD;
you who are rightfully called the SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD.
It is You who have inherited this Kingdom. (Gen 1:28; Mat 25:34)
Use your time wisely,
for in that moment that you speak of as NOW,
through your requests for action in the Being of God,
lies all power,
all truth, all Love,
and All opportunity.
Listen now my people - FOR NOW IS THE TIME!

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