Angel Day 3




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 3

3rd Angel Message

Beloved - How great our joy, and happiness
that you are come here before us again for a discourse from us to you!
Here again - of the many, many, many messages that we could offer -
we find it most important to discuss with you the subject of judgment.
In our time and in yours, it was offered by the Masters of TRUTH
that judgment was not to be made either
for or against one another or yet even for or against oneself.
It was instead LOVE unconditional
that was to be chosen in all situations, times, and spaces.
LOVE, was and is the appropriate response.
LOVE works contrary to judgment.
Where judgment would condemn and punish,
LOVE would rush in to heal, to repair,
to mend the one who would err or make false action.
As we speak these words to you,
the response from your soul is that of remembrance,
for the TRUTH is written upon the very fabric
that makes up what you know in your language as THE SOUL.
It is with the utmost importance
that we ask you to remember this strand of TRUTH:
To not even judge judgment;
to go beyond the patterns of thought habits and cultural conditioning;
To forgive yourself with love each and every time
you catch yourself making judgments;
To forgive with love each and every time
you see your neighbor judging either you or another or even himself.
Learn a new habit,
choose to remember LOVE in each and every discernment.
Take a moment, BREATHE DEEPER, and say quietly
to your Inner Self, "I choose LOVE,
in each and every situation, actual or imagined.
I choose to react with LOVE - LOVE UNCONDITIONAL -
as my Mother Father God within would do for me."
Unconditional Love is the loom
upon which the created universes are woven.
You have inherited this kingdom.
Is it not the Father's will that none should be lost?
For this reason, choose love for yourself,
for the many selves which are yet part of your SELF,
for we are all ONE in God's Spirit.
Let the light of your love shine equally upon the good and the bad alike,
like your FATHER in Heaven.
Godís LOVE is like the SUN,
it shines equally upon the good and the bad alike.
Therefore you become as GOD
made surely in His IMAGE. (Mat 5:45)
We humbly acknowledge, in deepest reverence and silence, the GOD

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