Angel Day 27




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 27

27th Angel Message

Again we celebrate!
The point of initiation once again has been obtained in your consciousness,
causing once again a chemical change of permanent nature to occur in your body TEMPLE.
Welcome to the Holy of Holies
once again on a larger and more far-reaching spiral!
The saturation point is reached.
We enter a gateway now.
We enter in approaching the still point,
this new level of THE PURE BEING OF SILENCE.
This doorway is likened unto that point of a swinging pendulum
when the maximum arch has been reached and it is the moment before

it begins to turn and swing in the opposite direction.
We say to you
oh bringers of God's Heavens,
that this is but the in-breathing and the out-breathing of the divine rhythm.

This 27th stage of your journey is the process of saturation and of filling completely
It is an initiation.
The next stage, the 28th, is the actual pause before activity begins again.
We honor you.
We walk hand in hand with you as you pass through this doorway.
Our energies combined with yours create symphonies of intertwining light patterns
much in the nature of the braidedness of your DNA helix.
We love you.
We love you.
Thank you for coming on this journey with us as we guide *our awakening consciousness
into greater understanding of our combined shares of the NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE.
your Angels!

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