Angel Day 26




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 26

26th Angel Message

Dearest beloved of God,
we hold you in the Living Flame of Divine Love.
Abundance is the vibration that you are now in.
Abundance for you and for everyone,
all are prospered in love,
in beauty, in truth, in plenty.
The universe supports and reflects you and the Truth of Being that flows through you.
We are, as always, ONE.
Therefore, we are all experiencing the escalation of joy and awareness
in the vibration that we are now in together.
It is together that we have reached this point and it is together that we will continue on.
The time of harvesting is now.
The seeds carefully planted and nurtured in the bosom
of the Divine are come into full growth.
In ripples going out into eternity in harmony,
the effects of this on the entire BEING OF GOD go on and on.
We call to your remembrance now the TRUTH that JOY
is the BEING OF GOD on the earthly plane.
Joy, it is, that was predestined to burn brightly in the TEMPLES
that you call your earthly bodies.
"But God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, love, joy and a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7)
With this frequency of joy,
death is proven to be an illusion
and the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is ushered in,
completely manifest on earth.

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