Angel Day 25




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 25

25th Angel Message

Now that you are in complete receptivity of THE ALL-THAT-IS,
and you have perfected the flow of energy
you have a DIVINE FAMILY all around you.
The next outpouring of energy is that of
At this stage, all seven chakras are resplendent in their color and brilliance.
We take the opportunity to describe these glowing spiraling energies briefly:*
The first chakra, a brilliant hue of ruby red,
is supreme happiness and abundance and health in the world of form.
The second chakra, scintillating shades of fiery orange, is the ability to relate in sacredness
and intimacy with other expressions of God in form.
The third chakra, gold and yellow like the shining sun,
is the perfection of the personal will in attunement with the ALL-THAT-IS.
The fourth chakra, endless varieties of emerald green,
is the OCEAN of DIVINE LOVE and the ENDLESS FLOWING JOY of the emotional nature.
The fifth chakra, infinite sapphire blue, is the doorway of unlimited creativity and the ability to manifest the qualities of the ONE BEING.
The sixth chakra, deepest shades of indigo blue,
is the infinite space of ALL WISDOM and perception.
The seventh chakra, shades of flaming violet and purple,
is the merging with the almighty connection with the ALL-THAT-IS.
These are the seven candlesticks that appear in symbolic form in many religions in many worlds.
This is the Holy of Holies manifest equally in its manifest and unmanifest expressions.
In sacredness we share with you the intensity of SILENCE,
We join with you in the Temple of Holiness.
Visualize and see the colors swirling around your being at the places
where the encircling bands of the chakra energy reside.
The first chakra, beautiful and pure Ruby Red,
is glowing around your lower body at the base of your spine.
The second chakra, blazing shades of Orange,
Shine forth from your body below your navel;
The third chakra, Sunlight Yellow,
Shines like a sun from your solar plexus;
The fourth chakra, endless shades of Emerald Green,
Flows like an ocean in your heart;
The fifth chakra, infinite sapphire Blues,
Emerges in your throat;
The sixth chakra, Deep and endless Indigo Blues,
Forming an infinite space within your forehead;
The seventh chakra, an upreaching Violet flame,
at the crown of your head merging with the infinite Being of God.

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