Angel Day 22




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 22

22nd Angel Message

This time in your development, you have become a master in the realms of form. We wish to explain this simply.
By staying focused on PURE BEING
and the holiness of UNITY,
not separation, by establishing a family of like-minded individuals,
you have become part of the vortex of spiraling energy known as
This is a movement of intelligence
from within all form, all life,
to create and recreate itself in ever greater and more perfect ways of beauty, truth, and loveliness.
The paradox, in terms of your mind, is that it is absolutely effortless.
It comes about in much the same manner as breathing or walking
or any of the other activities
that you perform without thought or effort.
It comes about by and of itself and is an effect
of the state of your awareness.
Ho and so this awareness takes on form.
So! You are enthroned as Kings and Queens and Masters of your spheres of existence!
So we ask you to vibrate with this knowledge.
Whenever your awareness becomes aware of a greater beauty that could manifest on the spiritual,
mental, emotional or physical planes,
go within.
Become aware of TRUTH;
ask for this greater beauty to manifest.
Know that this asking is the DOING,
all the rest FOLLOWS this.

This is deeply significant.
What we Angels are saying here is
that the simple act of asking for the highest beauty
sets in motion the forces and activities to bring it about.
Remember that this must be done with simple childlike faith, understanding, and conviction,
knowing that we, the Angels, are acting to out-manifest your requests.

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