Angel Day 19




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 19

19th Angel Message

Dearly beloved,
Angel hosts are gathered about you at this time.
There are multitudes in ever widening circles of power, consciousness, and beauty.
Again, there is the STILLNESS, again, THE AWARENESS.
It is at this point in consciousness
that the state of PURE BEING comes.
There is no activity except that of JUST BEING TOGETHER.
WE ARE THE MANY in appearance
who are yet the ONE in CONSCIOUSNESS.
This is a very powerful experience,
and it is from this point of NO ACTIVITY,
of complete STOPPING AND BEING, that all else will come.
This stillness, called by the Buddhists of your planet, THE VOID,
called by the others THE PRESENCE,
yet by others the CENTER,
is a larger octave of what your bible referred to as
"the still small voice". (1 Kings 19:12-13)
At this stage it is not small, nor is it only a voice,
it is a greater octave of the experience of the I AM.
Ho! And, yes it is good.
This is the center of Being!
Welcome home, all ye Beings and CREATURES of God!
Welcome to that which
IS the foundation and TRUTH OF BEING!
This experience will be yet greater,
yet deeper and more centered at the 28th level.
However, it is at this point, the 19th level, that the physical TEMPLE is flooded with the neuropeptides
(internally secreted chemical essences)
that create a certain luminosity or a feeling of THE SUBLIME
that will never completely go away.
It is there for the duration, and even though storms again come and go in the sea of consciousness,
this awareness is finally and firmly rooted in the deepest parts of peace and trust.
This 19th level is the state of "Delta Brain Waves",
0 to 4 oscillations per second of brain electrical activity.
This is the state of pure being without doing.

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