Angel Day 12




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 12

12th Angel Message

Dearly Beloved,
When in walking upon the Earth as God-man or God-woman,
the eyes will behold,
the ears hear
unceasing testimonials of gratitude directed toward ONE'S SELF.
The irony, the paradox,
is that ONE'S SELF is not identified with the body temple or the personality therein,
but with the ALL-THAT-IS.
So God-man, God-woman, upon hearing this praise,
understands it as the ONE BEING giving thanks to ITSELF.
It is this insight which has given rise to the phenomenal syllable that you know of as AUM or OM.
This is the sound of God giving thanks to ITSELF.
OM MANI PADME OM [translated to "See God in Everything"].
This is the stage where HEAVEN is embraced by the worlds of form,
where Spirit is received by matter.
God-man and God-woman are the step-down transformers from the realms of spirit to the realms of form.
The Angels are but the step-down transformers of God-man's and God-woman's will in spirit to the worlds of form.
To be more explicit, as God-people create a thought, or have a desire, the Angels take it and actually bring it about.
The Angels make it happen!
So now you see why it is so important that humankind and Angels
get to know each other!
It is similar to the right hand knowing and working in conjunction with the left hand.
We rejoice in our growing awareness of each other!
The heavens resound with joy and ecstasy at this development!
You ask how heaven will manifest on earth?
You wonder how it will come about?

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