Angel Day1




28 Day Angel Meditation: Day 1

The 1st Angel Message

Make no mistake.
The appearances of evil, of illusion, of separation
are all the outworkings and discharges
of a terrible nightmare that has been dreamed upon your earth for many of your lifetimes.
The time is near.
Actually it has already come upon you.
The realization of it is now dawning
upon ever-larger numbers of people on your planet.
The time is to awake and to arise from dreaming,
and to live in the utter simplicity of pure Spirit.
As we speak these words,
the process of remembering is come upon you.
Just as a dreamer must know that he is dreaming,
so your spirit knows also that what has been is also a dream.
That part of you which is delightful, which is fun, is joy, is love, is safety,
is unity, is peace, that is the "you" that will awaken.
It is as if you have always known this.
None of what we are saying to you is different from what you know deep in your heart.
Arise, awake, allow the stirring of your spirit to refresh you,
energize you, guide your footsteps.
As we bring heaven to earth with our new knowing, realize that the others will awaken, seeing each other with new eyes.
The magnificence of love will amaze you.
So in peace we love you.
We are one with you.
Ah - lo - Khim

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